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Post-construction cleaning is an essential service to ensure the health & safety of those who will be using the property. Special equipment, supplies and expertise is required to effectively remove airborne dust particles and residue that settles everywhere after construction. In order to systemize and clean the property efficiently, post-construction cleaning is divided into the following phases.

Rough phase

Rough interior cleaning generally happens during construction to prepare the home or building for its final finishes.

Tasks include:

  • Sweep & prep floor underlayment for flooring

  • Remove construction debris

Final phase

Final interior cleaning is a general cleaning provided at the pend of construction.

Task include:

  • Dust and damp wipe ceiling and light fixtures 

  • Walls, surfaces, cabinetry and storage spaces

  • All baseboards, doors, interior window, including frames, trims and tracks

  • Tubs, showers, toilets, sinks and fixtures

  • Polish vanities, mirrors, fixtures and appliances

  • Ducts, vents and baseboard heating

  • Damp mop hard-surface floors and vacuum carpeted areas

  • Sweep outdoor deck areas

  • Remove trash, plastic coverings, stickers, labels etc.

Light phase

This is a final detailed reclean provided once touch ups are complete.

Tasks include:

  • Spot wash, clean, shine & polish as necessary

  • Damp mop hard-surface floors and carpet vacuum

  • Disinfect & sanitize touch points

  • Sweeping paved areas such as garage, patio, porches etc.

  • Conduct final inspection for any dirt and trash removal

Additional specialty cleaning are available: 

  • Floor finishing such as buffing & waxing

  • Deep carpet cleaning such as shampoo & steam extraction

  • Exterior & specialty window washing (e.g. skylights, clerestory or higher interior windows)

  • Exterior home power wash

  • Driveway power wash 

Quotes for such services are provided upon request

Ongoing cleaning services are available to keep your new home or facility looking at its best, scaled to meet your needs!

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